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Sometimes we focus on our health to stay well - other times we do it more out of necessity, out of a desire - or even desperation, to feel better. We're always here to help you, whatever your reason. Explore your possibilities.

Today is the Day to Start Your Journey!

Whether you want to heal from an autoimmune disease or a chronic disorder - or just to safeguard your health for successful aging - now is the perfect time to start! 

And we've got the perfect way to help you - in fact, we have 5 ways we do this!

  • Need a custom wellness assessment & action plan because nothing else is working, see  No. 1 
  • Want to solve your own health issues (or a loved one's) through targeted diet & lifestyle modifications, then it's No. 2
  • Passionate about helping others and looking for a career change or to augment your current wellness designations, see No. 3
  • An elimination diet can get to the core of what's wrong, see No. 4
  • Sometimes we need to focus on the emotional & spiritual aspect of our lives, then No. 5 is perfect for you 


Get Started by Choosing the Journey That's Right for You!

We understand your frustration. Your pain. Your exhaustion.

And how you feel overwhelmed, not heard & misunderstood.

It's the dead ends. The going in circles. And wasted time. Feeling like you're missing out on life. Of never feeling well enough.

And the confusion of not knowing where to start anymore. Of losing hope. And of being not certain if you have the energy to care any more.

Does any of this sound like you?

We are experts at creating your path to wellness - we have 3 powerful online on-demand programs calibrated to your specific health and wellness needs.

We also have a VIP Membership Program that is powerful and transformative. We call this Flourish365 ā„¢

What we do particularly well with everything we offer to you is to make it simple and straightforward. We remove the guessing and uncertainty for you. provide the direction and are absolutely passionate about co-creating your enhanced well-being. Imagine, no more guessing.

It's time for you to embrace hope, relief, freedom and peace - feelings you may not have felt possible for you. But this is exactly what we do with our laid-out-for-you wellness programs. It's time for you to take back your control and envision what life can be like. How exciting is this!?

Live Longer by Preventing and Healing Chronic Illness & Autoimmune Disorders

Imagine a life free from physical pain or worries about getting sick...

Every day, many of us struggle physically, emotionally and socially because we just aren't getting the answers we need to heal our bodies. So, year after year, we endure the pain, exhaustion and frustration associated with chronic illnesses including Acid Reflux, Arthritis, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and other Auto-immune Conditions, Heart Disease, IBS, other degenerative diseases and more. And having pre-existing conditions only increase our worry and susceptibility to illness.

We understand your struggle. And we have a successful track record of helping others regain more of their life back, so they can live more fully and freely. We provide you with the clarity and action plan you need and put you on your direct path to healing, and relief.

And, for those who are not dealing with an illness or condition - or are curious about their health status, our services are perfect because we keep your body resilient and strong, by providing you with exactly what you need, based on our bespoke assessment of you. We keep you in tip-top shape - so you can go through the years with confidence in your body's ability to deal with all the bacteria and viruses out there, and that knowing that life will be yours to enjoy!

Let's work together to co-create a great health reality for you!

Why Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle?

At Full Functional Wellnessā„¢, the focus is on Functional Medicine, Nutrition and Lifestyle, which is a body systems biology-based approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease. We don't treat symptoms to mask them nor do we treat disease. Instead, we look at the factors that have contributed to your current health, and we remove/minimize/mitigate the impact of these factors. This allows for the true healing of your body. We use powerful food and lifestyle-based protocols to fuel this healing. From this, your body can rebalance and strengthen, and regain better health and you can enjoy a better life.

As always, we do this in a bio-individual way, meaning that this is not a one-size fits all approach; it is your custom wellness plan based on what your body needs at this point in time. Let us help you regain that part of your life that you feel like you've been missing for too long.

This is the future of healthcare. This is the future of wellness. And it puts you in control. It's customized to you, your body and what exactly you need - and it puts health and peace-of-mind on your side. We plot and plan your best course to wellness for you, because we're experts at helping and getting you the results you want and need. Let's get started!

It's time for you to live the life you want & deserve!

Our 5 On-Line Wellness Programs, including our Flourish365 ā„¢ Membership Lifestyle Program have been specifically developed to be truly transformational health and wellness journeys - just for you!

We are experts at creating your path to wellness, and are your powerful partner in healing.

Our programs target the lifestyle and nutritional factors that align your body towards rebalancing, strengthening, healing, and overall better health. We provide the direction; no more guessing.

It's time to think about the possibilities as you regain a life you thought you lost or could never have, and it's about securing a very vibrant and healthy future!


And Here Are Our Programs

No. 1

Your Bespoke Inflammation Transformation 3-Step Solution

This is the way that personalized wellness care is meant to be.   It's one-on-one with us; we're by your side to get the results you need!

Perhaps you want to increase your lifespan.  Maybe you want to increase your health span.  Or possibly you are dealing with ongoing health crises, and feel you really have no where else to turn.

Chronic inflammation is behind almost all diseases.  And with our 300+ question Assessment Tool, we uncover what is behind yours.  And even better - we then devise your custom Lower Inflammation Lifestyle & Diet Action Plan. 

No more guessing.  No more going in circles.  We provide you with a targeted, tailor-made, no nonsense specific-to-you plan to get your health back on track, to give both you and your body some relief and hope.  And it sets you up for very successfully moving more effortlessly through all stages of your life - how great is that!

So, start today to accelerate your healing with a bespoke Wellness Assessment and Custom Diet and Lifestyle Action Plan!


No. 2

The Inflammation Transformation Breakthroughā„¢ Program

This is it.  These are the big guns.  This is our Signature Program - our Health & Lifestyle Transformation Kickstarter, to lower your levels of inflammation & live longer. 

Are you ready for your health breakthrough?

We offer the most comprehensive, multi-faceted 8-module program to get your health back on track.  And we future-proof this too, as this lays the ground work for very successfully aging.

We create the mindset and framework for wellness, and provide targeted and practical action plans so that you can achieve your goals.

We provide the details of the factors that can derail your health.  We put them in context, and we provide the implementable details to counteract and minimize any impact they may have on your health.  We do this to safeguard your health, and to also help you heal from whatever physical condition(s) with which you may currently have. 

This program is perfect for anyone wanting to take more control of their own health, or to assist a friend of family member with theirs.  It is valuable for those who are trying to stop a disease or condition from progressing further.

The information you'll receive is unparalleled in helping you achieve a greater level of wellness - it's a must have!


No. 3

Become a Certified Full Functional Wellness & Lifestyle Practitionerā„¢ - An Inflammation Transformation Specialist (ITS)

Your passion for helping people is undeniable, and you genuinely get excited when you see great results.  With our program, you become an Inflammation Transformation  Specialist in helping people lower inflammation and live longer! 

You start this by enrolling in No. 2 The Inflammation Transformation Breakthrough Program, and once you have successfully completed this, then you add this 3-module Inflammation Transformation 'Specialist Package' (this one, No. 3), that rounds you out with further nutritional, health and business knowledge.  It's a series of 'Intensives' that make you market ready to claim your wellness niche!

This Program is perfect for people who are looking to change their career focus, or those who are already in the wellness sphere, and are looking to round-out their level of knowledge to be in even higher demand - because with inflammation-related diseases so perversive and on the rise, your expertise is in demand.  It's exciting that our  graduates establish new careers and go on to help others around the world.

This Program embraces the principles of Functional Medicine, Nutrition and Lifestyle, meaning that the focus is always on the 'what' that is behind any condition.  That is the power of this approach, where bodies are rebalanced, strengthened and healed by identifying and removing the 'what', and you are provided with everything you need to do this very successfully.

So, get started today on your path to helping others with your rewarding new career!

I Can't Wait to Round Out My Career & Help Others!




No. 4      

RID Elimination Diet™ 

You know things aren't right with your health and you aren't getting the answers you need.  Your past efforts to feel better haven't worked and now you need to dig deeper.

RID - Reduce Inflammation Elimination Diet - is that exact path that you need!

You need intensive and focused help.  And health isn't a one-size fit all. You need the ultimate elimination diet to uncover, identify and eliminate those foods that are adding to your inflammatory load and making you feel chronically unwell.

The RID Elimination Diet is a powerful tool to give you answers that you haven't been able to get...yet.

The Time is Perfect to Get the Results you Need!

No. 5      

Flourish365 ™ 

Join Our VIP Wellness & Lifestyle   1-year Membership Program

Are You Ready?

This is an unparalleled journey.  It's as simple as that. 

For 365 days - one full year- you experience a daily journey in resiliency, compassion, connection, self-acceptance, brilliance, balance, joy, mindfulness, and discovery.  And, fun actually! 

It's truly transformative and perspective shifting.  And creates great insight into yourself and the world around you.  Be prepared to be more zen, more grounded and with a renewed purpose in your own life.  Too exciting, right?!

We invite you on this illuminating self-reflection and personal growth experience - see you soon!

JOIN TODAY as something you do for you!

We Make Your Path to Wellness Easier -

No More Dead Ends or Guessing

"My personal path to wellness - from two autoimmune conditions - was full of winding paths, uncertainty, and dead ends. While healing takes its own route, we're here to make yours more direct and fulfilling. We remove the guess work for you so you can start your journey today with confidence."

- Sandra Olszowka Duron

There is one consolation in being sick; and that is the possibility that you may recover to a better state than you were ever in before.

- Henry David Thoreau

Get Your Free Functional Nutrition Cooking Book! 

That's right.  This is a cooking book, not a cook book.

How food is prepared has as much impact on its nutritional value as the choice of the food itself.

You'll get the tricks & tips of functional nutritionists to put greater health on your side.

Learn how to maximize the nutritional value of foods and avoid the 3 cooking practices that can make foods dangerous.

Start your Wellness Journey Today!

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